Each year, Incight honors outstanding clients who are agents of change in our community and who have successfully overcome obstacles in their life as Hall of Fame inductees. These exceptional people go on to be representatives of Incight in higher education, with their employers and in our community. We present the Hall of Fame Awards, our very special Heart of Change Award and recognize our programs’ Partners of the Year at our Annual Hall of Fame Event. 

Details about our next Hall of Fame event will be announced at a later stage.

Hall of fame Inductees

All Incight Hall of Fame Members are social change agents for the greater inclusion of people with disabilities. They are in continual pursuit of unlocking their potential, have overcome or are overcoming obstacles in their life, do not negatively core-identify with their disability, and have empowerment perspectives about life, relationships, and opportunity. Each inductee has had some previous or current connection to Incight, either as a client or scholarship recipient.

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the incight heart of change award

Created to honor someone whose actions and efforts align with Incight’s mission to Unlock the Potential of People with Disabilities, the Heart of Change Award belongs to an individual whose work positively influences our community and busts stigma – someone who embodies everything Incight stands for! Harper’s Playground received the 2015 Heart of Change and West Livaudais received the Award in 2016.



hof 2014
2014 Hall of Fame Inductees; Jan Campbell, Sam Bridgman, and Will Groulx.