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Incightful Transitions Curriculum Pilot 3.0 is built on the foundation of engagement, adaptability, state standards, common core and ease-of-use. The lessons are hosted online with individual teacher logins and are divided into four sections that prepare students with the essential skills for life after high school: Education Lessons, Employment Lessons, Independence Lessons and Spotlight Lessons.


Each lesson contains all of the necessary components to facilitate student success in the classroom – including complete lesson plans, informational graphics, online modules, interactive online student activities, leveled and differentiated worksheet activities and student assessments.

Education Lesson 3: Self advocacy- Accommodations:

Parts of this lesson:

  1. Introduction (Students engage with a prompt)
  2. Video (Online)
  3. Online activity (Individual, pairs, or group)
  4. Group worksheet activity (Leveled)
  5. Closing group activity (Practice)
  6. Student Assessment (Printed or online)

Level 1 Student expectations:

  • Students will independently identify accommodations in high school.
  • Students will participate in group discussions about requesting accommodations and communicate information learned.
  • Students will independently make and practice a new accommodation request.

Level 2 Student Expectations:

  • Students will select accommodations from choices given.
  • Students will participate in group discussions with support.
  • Students will complete activities with support.


Teacher MateriALS:

Ed Lesson 3: Lesson Plan
Ed Lesson 3: Infographic



Level 1:

Ed Lesson 3: Worksheet

Level 2:

Ed Lesson 3: Worksheet
Ed Lesson 3: Key


Ed Lesson 3: Online Activity (Not available for preview)
Ed Lesson 3: Video 

Student Assessment and teacher feedback:

Student Assessment (Print option available in preview)
Teacher Survey (Not available for preview)