The team at Incight believes teachers work hard to empower their students. Incightful Transitions Curriculum will elevate students to expect more of themselves, set goals and unlock their potential. Whether their next step is higher education, employment, or independence – Incightful Transitions Curriculum will encourage and empower high school and transitions students to achieve their dreams.


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Incightful Transitions Curriculum Pilot 4.0 is built on the foundation of engagement, adaptability, state standards,and ease-of-use. The lessons are hosted online with individual teacher logins and are divided into four sections that prepare students with the essential skills for life after high school: Education Lessons, Employment Lessons, Independence Lessons and Spotlight (Disability Specific) Lessons.

Each lesson contains all of the necessary components to facilitate student success in the classroom including: complete lesson plans, informational graphics, online modules, interactive online student activities, leveled and differentiated worksheet activities and student assessments.

The Curriculum project is in the fourth round of development and will be available in classrooms in September 2016!

To preview a lesson from 2015-2016 Pilot 3.0 click HERE.

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