IN-Scholarship-Owl-w.-objects-1.3-268x300Incight’s Education Program bridges the gap for students with disabilities transitioning out of high school by offering scholarships, curriculum, and providing opportunities for growth.

Scholarships are available for full-time college students with documented disabilities who are residents of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Special Education and Transitions Teachers can add Incightful Transition Curriculum to their repertoire as a tool to help their students look toward the future in the areas of education, employment and independence.

We aim to provide opportunities for growth to students by helping them expect more of themselves and encouraging them to pursue higher education while connecting them with resources to guide them in the transition from high school to college and independent living.                          

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Elizabeth Albright*

Christian Alvarado

Rabiah  Anis+

Annika Ariel+

Nicholas Armas+

Kelissa Averre*

Stephanie Balbon

Kathryn Bartlett*

Brienna Bedard*

Rachel Best

Kathryn Bouchat*

Matilda Brooks*

Josephine Bryant+

Sidney Bullock*

Martin Castillo

Efren Cisneros Torres

Teresa Condon

Allegra Davidson+

Alankrita Dayal

John David Duran


Emily Elkins

Natacha Emerson

Jory Fleming

Alexa Frederick

Amanda Fry*

Roberto Godinez+

Heather Gormand

Kristen Gulick

Lisa Halleck-Ellerbroek

Austin Hansen

Kyle Hatton

Chad Hay*

Syrena Hernandez

Anna Hogenson*

Madeleine Imbert*

Cynthia Jasso

Kevin Kaelin

Evan Keerbs*

William Komoda

Floren LeBaron





Ben Madonna*

Kailaun Magee

Abdi Mohamed*

Michaela Myers

Elke Neuenschwander

Sophie Orlowski

Robert Patton

Anna Pickett

Alexander Quarrell*

Matthew Ramsay

Cooper Ray*

Caleb Reister*

Kyla Riley

Adriana Rosas

Alec Roshto

Stephanie Saavedra-Duque+

Josiah Sanchez*

Vanessa Segura

Makenna Sewell

Barbara Spiecker*


Jamie Spitzer

Tyler St. Pierre

Nathan  Stewart*

Amber Stock

Kiara Stuart

Aaron Turner*

Leah Van Der Linden Harkins*

Krysta Van Woert

Tyler Vitiello

Cherie White*

Rodney Williams

Hannah Winterling*

William Woods


*New Scholars

+Standard Insurance Nominated Scholars