Incight’s Education Program bridges the gap between high school and post secondary education by offering scholarships, resources, coaching partnerships for teachers, and mentoring relationships for students.

We aim to help students expect more of themselves by encouraging them to pursue higher education and connecting them with resources and mentoring to guide them in the transition from high school to college and independent living. Special Education and Transitions Teachers can add Incight’s engaging Transitions Curriculum to supplement their toolbox and participate in innovative training that dispels myths and guides a shift in the disability paradigm. Scholarships are available for full time college students with documented disabilities who are residents of Washington, Oregon, and California.

Scholarship & Matching Program

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Student Resources & Coaching

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Teacher Resources & Curriculum

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Student Central

Join us on April 23, 2015 for Student Central – an authentic experience for high school students with disabilities to learn the skills necessary to find meaningful employment. This event is facilitated in conjunction with the Incight Career Expo and is an opportunity for students to learn from other job seekers and employers. The topics covered include resume building, network, professional communication, and other job search skills. Students will then have an opportunity to practice these skills on the main floor of the Career Expo.
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