2nd Annual Golf Tournament & Handicrapshoot

Incight hosted the 2015 Incight Golf Tournament at Langdon Farms on Monday June 8th.

Big thanks to the golfers, sponsors and volunteers that joined us to make this event a huge success!

Check out this blooper real of Incight’s tournament contest hole, the Handicrapshoot TM.

The Handicrapshoot TM is a disability simulation and awareness experience. It doubles as a fundraising contest too. Teams pay to participate. Each player is assigned a physical impairment to play the par 3, 6th hole of Langdon Farms. Vision impairment goggles, noise cancelling headphones, single-handed swing, or seated in a wheelchair. After they complete the hole, they draw a from a bucket of golf balls that have a 0, 1, or 2 painted marked on it, and that number is their score for the hole.

Players love the contest and find it to be a rewarding personal discovery experience.

Handicrap TM is an anti-stigma campaign. Handicrap TM has two definitions; 1) A Limiting Belief Adopted as Reality, 2) An Unfair Judgment Based on Perception. Everyone has handicrap TM – we all learn to believe things about our self and others, that is not true and keeps us from being our best. The stigma that surrounds disability is mostly the result of handicrap TM.

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