Thidan jerry scotts was Incight’s most significant year to date, from team expansion to growth in operational infrastructure and our highest revenue growth year. Now in our second decade, Incight’s imperative is clear – people with disabilities should be expected and welcomed to contribute to society. We are grateful for your commitment to our mission of “Unlocking the Potential of People with Disabilities.”

Incight - 2014 Anual Report-Rough 7

Levé and incight partnership

Leve and IncightEach year, Levé partners with a different local nonprofit to provide financial and volunteer support throughout the year, culminating in their signature Charity Ball event. We were thrilled to be selected as their 2014 Non-profit Partner, honored to have their members assist with our events, and humbled by their generous financial support of $30,000. Our deepest thanks to the women of Levé!

Programming Highlights


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Introducing Electric Hockey Carts PDX! In 2014, Incight Independence brought this exciting sport – designed specifically for power chair users – from Denmark to Portland. And in 2015, we will introduce the sport to the rest of the country! It looks like an Ikea chair – but it goes about ten miles an hour and turns on a dime. Teams of three zip around on a basketball court to play using only joysticks to steer their carts – paddles mounted to the front of the carts serve as the hockey sticks for this fast-paced game. We are still forming the teams for the league – we’d love you to drop by a demonstration event to test drive the carts and scrimmage with us!

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Our transitions curriculum for high school students with disabilities preparing for post-secondary life entered Phase 2.0 in 2014. Built on the foundation of engagement, relevance, adaptability, and ease of use, the latest version of the curriculum will be accessed by teachers through a web portal and includes a series of 15 lessons – complete with fully developed lesson plans, supplemental materials, interactive modules, and student assessments. We’ve also expanded our testing pool for Pilot 2.0, reaching out to teachers statewide to trial the lessons and modules in their classrooms. Planning and development are wrapping up and Incight Transitions Curriculum 2.0 will enter classrooms in March 2015!

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Incight’s Corporate Culture Training is Disability Awareness and Inclusion like you’ve never heard before. Engaging executives and business people nationwide, our stigma-busting message of empowerment and expectation promises to change the way you think about people with disabilities and the world around you. In 2014, Incight delivered Corporate Culture Training for private groups at corporate offices, in an open classroom setting, and at a national diversity conference.

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