Incight - With Meanings White 1.0

 Incight is the blend of two forms of the word…

INCITE “to spark a passion”       |       INSIGHT “to possess intimate knowledge”

Incight’s mission is…

Unlocking the Potential of People with Disabilities


Founded in 2004, by Vail Horton, who is a congenital amputee from Palm Desert, and Scott Hatley from Portland, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The name Incight comes from a hybrid of the word Incite – to spark a passion, and Insight – to possess intimate knowledge. This hybrid describes the founders original intention – to destroy the stigma that surrounds disability and fill in the gaps of other support services.

They found studies reporting that only 16% of people with disabilities earned college degrees and 76% were unemployed.

They observe, that since 1990 with the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are protected rights for people with disabilities and that accommodations and accessibility have increased 10x, the statistics for higher education and employment accomplishments have barely increased.

Significant obstacles remain for people with disabilities – and the largest of all is the stigma – or incorrect attitude and perspective. Lastly, they rightly recognize that this stigma is a two-way street. It occurs internally – within the disability demographic. It also occurs externally – as too much of society discounts those with disabilities.

Recruiting their college roommate, Jerry Carleton, to the cause – Incight was born. Jerry, Scott, and Vail built a team of staff, board members, and volunteers who are deeply committed to affecting real change in their communities.

Incight is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that supports and empowers key life aspects of education, employment, and independence for people with disabilities.

We offer three distinct programs that provide resources to help people with disabilities realize their potential and engage the community at large. We have created programs that support our clients in a changing landscape of existing systems.

We aim to create a culture of inclusion by leading an important conversation about disability in our community. Our vision includes workplaces free of stigma surrounding disability, support systems for students to access all necessary resources to successfully transition to college and/or career, and recreational opportunities for athletes of all abilities.

Our office is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. Our services directly impact hundreds of students, job-seekers, athletes, families, educators, non-profits, and business professionals.