We have posted this show on our Facebook page and the staff at Incight has been talking about it since it was first broadcast on NPR’s new show Invisabilia in January this year.  If you haven’t had time to listen to it, take some time now.

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At Incight we meet amazing people who believe in their own potential and believe in potential of the people around them.  By understanding that our potential is truly unlimited and in our hands, it will be realized.

In so many stories we hear about individuals who defied the odds. At Incight, we want to fundamentally change the game.  The odds are not against you, rather you are limited only by the opportunities you see for yourself or that others see for you. When we see challenges as hindrances, we will struggle. When we see them as opportunities, we will succeed. By achieving, or even by failing – we succeed by learning and growing stronger. If we start expecting the best from ourselves and those around us – we will ALL rise to those expectations.

We will be celebrating the people in our community who embody that spirit by honoring them as Hall of Fame Inductees and Heart of Change Award Winners. Join us on Tuesday, May 12th, at 7:30am for Incight’s Hall of Fame Breakfast. Bring a friend to learn more about Incight and the Game Changers in our community.

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