Heather Brooks earned both her undergraduate

and graduate degrees from Portland State

University. She lives and writes in the Rose City, 

while completing an internship at Incight.




                  Ridiculous assertion, right? The two are completely unrelated; everybody knows that. And yet, people judge each other by superficial means like this every day.

Author Jason F. Wright is no exception to this tendency, as a trip to the grocery store sharply reminded him. He saw the limits his stereotypical views of acceptable father figures placed, not on others, but on himself, limits we here at Incight call hand•i•crap.

Can a man with a classically fatherly voice be a heavily pierced and tattooed punk rocker? Can a heavily pierced and tattooed punk rocker be a sensitive, capable father? Do his children dare dream like other kids? Discover at the link below what Wright learned from what he saw.



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