Heather Brooks earned both her undergraduate

and graduate degrees from Portland State

University. She lives and writes in the Rose City, 

while completing an internship at Incight.




They say good penmanship is a dying art. Not surprising, given that many schools no longer teach it, in this computerized age. But Wilson Christian Academy, in West Mifflin, PA, still emphasizes this skill.  The school offers an annual award to the student in each of its eight grades who has the best handwriting.


That is unusual in itself, but the story becomes truly remarkable when one considers that this year’s first-grade honoree, Annie Clark, was born without hands.


Annie’s determination to live a normal life inspires everyone around her, including her parents, who have seven other children, five of them disabled in various ways. For more about this little girl, her upbeat outlook, and her achievements, click on the link below.


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