This has been an amazing summer for Incight. We received over 1,700 applications for our scholarship and it has been an extremely difficult task to narrow it down to only 100 individuals that will receive the award. We recruited leaders in the disability community to help us a review and rate the applications. Our review committee all agreed that that there are far more qualified applicants than there are scholarships to grant.

Here are the 2009/2010 Incight Scholars

Alexenia AldapeEric Allen

Jessica Andrade

Austin Angelus

Candace Attwood

Sara Azar

Taylor Bacon

Sandra Baroni

Kimberly Becker

Anna Bitencourt

Ming Canaday

Burkhardt Casey

Michelle Chebeir

Daniel Ciccarone

Ramiro  Cisneros

Shannon Coe

Susan Crane

Christina Davidson

Ryan DeLuca

Omer Faruk Demirer

Scott Douglas

Margaret Drew

Alison Ecker

Paul Faghan

Shavone Flores

Anthony Franco

Tingting Gao

Todd Gore

Amanda Goyne

Ashley Graff

Harrison Greanias

Daniel Guenther

Andrew Halpin

Rebecca Hernandez

Amarelis Hernandez

Kasey Hodges

Matthew Howard

Dominique Howard

Remington Howe

Anne Huguelet

Dustin Hunter

Hana Ikuta

Charles Ive

Alysha Jeans

Joanne Johnson

Ian Joslyn

Glen Kagan

Timothy Kelly

Jeffrey Kosmo

Russ Kroeker

Emily LangMark Larik

Jonah Lee

Peter Lenkey

Marneet Lewis

Meaghan Lopez-Mijares

Andrew Lyon

Richard Mason

Sean McAlpine

Charles McCarthy

Jordon McDonald

Angella Mentze

Grant Miller

Jennah Mittelsdorf

Brandon Morehouse

Ann Motl

Dustin Mueller

Andrew Munroe

Samuel Muwanguzi

DeeAn Nakagawa

Amber Nicholas

Cyndi Obasi

Brittany Oehlers

Cassandra O’Hearn

John Palmer

Jessica Perez

Jorge Perezchica

Nicholas Pitz

Thomas Porter

Russell Reitter

Eric Rissler

Kelley Roma

Hannah Salo

Victor Sanders

Anna Settle

Jennifer Shirley

Chrissy Spangenberg

Robert Thompson

Gus Townson

Elizabeth Underwood

Robyn Varner

Giacomo Vitko

Amelia Wallrich

Lorelei Walthall

Alex Wilson

Jessica Winchester

Logan Wirkuty

Elizabeth Woods

Briana Wright

Tony Zanolini

Unfortunately Incight cannot support every person that applied for our scholarship but Incight is a resource for every person with a disability. In addition to the scholarships that Incight grants we also have many other programs (employment, independence and networking) to support people with disabilities. You can find more about our programs at and learn how you can stay connected and benefit from Incight.

We wish all of our applicants the best of luck in the coming year and we hope to stay connected to all of you all!!!

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