University of Portland graduate Wes Studer

Wes Studer
Year: Graduated Spring 2009
School: University of Portland
Major: BA in History and Political Science
Current Occupation: Freelance Writer
Favorite Class:

Wes first learned about Incight through his counselor at Lake Oswego High School while looking for scholarships to help with tuition. He received his first scholarship in 2005 as a freshman at the University of Portland. Incight renewed the scholarship each succeeding year until his graduation May of 2009 with a BA in History and Political science.

Incight does not stop with just monetary support; Wes was matched with a mentor who assisted him during his search for summer internships in his field of study. During the summer of 2007 Wes had a remarkable internship as staff associate with the office of Mayor Sam Adams when he was City Commissioner.

In the summer of 2008 Wes was chosen for a position on the Student Advisory Council with the United States Business Leadership Network, an organization that works with and supports companies that employ people with disabilities. Wes participated in the 2008 USBLN Annual Conference when it was hosted in Portland, OR and he is looking forward to traveling to Washington D.C. to participate in this years USBLN Annual Conference.

Wes continues to use Incight for support as he is actively seeking for employment after graduating. Wes now acts as an ambassador for Incight, using his success story to encourage others to move beyond their boundaries.

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