Dear Incight Scholarship Applicant,

The Incight Staff wants to thank everyone who submitted an application for our Scholarship Award. This year we have received 1,636 applications for this coming academic year scholarship.

We are currently in the process of reading each of one of them and selecting which ones to award. Due to the record breaking amount of applications, it is taking us longer than we originally anticipated. Notification of our decisions will be sent out around the beginning of July. We are continually astonished when reading through the applications. Every application is a reflection of amazing self-determination, strength and creativity. It is very difficult to be able to award only to a limited number of applicants. This year’s number of $750 awards will be 100. I hope that you will be among them.

There are approximately 56,000,000 disabled Americans. Only about 18% earn a college degree. The number of full-time gainfully employed disabled is only a little more than 20%.

You and the rest of the 1,573 applicants are on your way to being among the top 18% and 20% respectively, whether or not you receive one of our scholarships. We at Incight offer our congratulations that you are already on your way. If you aren’t sure about what we are suggesting, then please reread your own application: revisit your already demonstrated strengths.

Incight would like to recommend to you that you do all you can to receive as much support as you can from your schools Office for Students with Disabilities and other agencies in your community that exist to serve people with disabilities. This country and especially other people with disabilities can benefit from you succeeding in your own personal career path. As you take care of yourself and as you get service agencies to serve you, then you are helping make our social systems work better. Anyone of us can contribute to making our world a better place.

Incight exists to do our best to help you achieve in your education and in your world of work. Call on us as you will.


The Incight Team

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Suite 530
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Portland, OR 97204
Incight California
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