Junior at San Diego State University. Majoring in music performance.

Tony Zanolini
Year: Junior
School: San Diego State University
Major: Music Performance
Estimated Graduation Date: June 2010
Favorite Class:
Music ensemble groups because I love to perform.
Incight Scholar Year: First

What has been the most challenging part of attending college? What, if anything, would make college better for you?
Learning how to problem solve independently and recognizing when to ask for help was a challenge. It took me a while to realize that acknowledging the need for help was not a sign of weakness or laziness.

What accommodations for students with disabilities have you found in college that is different from high school?
The accommodations are the same, but it is my responsibility to ask to utilize the accommodation. I have become a better self-advocate since high school.

Do you use any accommodations and if so, what are they?
I don’t really need accommodations for classes within my major, but I do occasionally use a note taker or extra time for essays in general education classes.

Have you had help from Disabled Student Services with living arrangements, transportation, books, direct student support of any kind, etc?
I commute 20 miles from my family home, so I have not needed to use these services. Disabled Student Services does send me information via email, however, so I know that I can go to them if I need assistance.

What do you wish you had known about college when you first started?
I felt very compelled to make as many new friends as possible and probably tried a little too hard. I also expected to have the same relationship with the people that I knew from high school who also attend my university. People grow up in different ways and go in different directions. These changes solidify some friendships and end others.

What is the best part about attending college?
The ability to spend the majority of my time in the area of study that I love the most—music. It is also a great pleasure to find so many people, both students and faculty, who are as passionate about music theory, history, composition and performance as I am. It is great to be able to meet so many new people.

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